Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Now What? from DNAeXplained

You've read about the FDA's
order/letter to 23andMe by now,
I'm sure if you are at all interested
in DNA testing.
Here's a link to Roberta Estes' blog
explaining what you might want to
do now with your results and information:
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Motivation Monday - You Put off DNA Testing!

Okay, are you one of those who have been
debating on whether DNA testing would help
in your quest to break brick walls, etc. in your
genealogy research?  If you think you might
want to test at 23andMe, read this post by
"FDA Orders 23andMe to Discontinue Testing".
Why test, you would probably ask me or others?
Andrew Jackson Festervan
For me, testing was to meet cousins and learn
about ancestors I knew nothing about.
Before I tested, I did not know
many of my Grandmother Neoma
Kolb Cauble's mother's family.
I match in atDNA with members of
Andrew Jack Festervan's family.
Andrew Jack was my Grandmother's
great-uncle, a brother to her Grandmother
Martha Ann Festervan/Festervand Martin Beasley.
Though I have yet to meet them in person, in 2014
my plan is to join them in Louisiana, if possible. 
Get motivated and test - if you want to!
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Nancy Cooksey Musgrove of SC and Neshoba Co. MS

Nancy Cooksey Musgrove 
b. 1805-SC
1850 U.S. Federal Census (Union Co. SC)
d. 20 Sept 1870-Neshoba Co. MS
[my 4th great-grandmother]

Happy Hunting, 
[and yes, I know it's 
not completely

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday - James Monroe Stuart family of Fisher County, Texas

I am "Thankful" for a whole
lot of things.  One of them is a 
strong sense of family and love of

James Monroe Stuart was born
26 Jan 1863 in Neshoba County, MS
and died 13 Feb 1947-Fisher County, TX.

My Stuart family of 
Fisher County, Texas and
the Stuart's of Neshoba County, MS
have continually kept in touch and
visited over 123 years since "Monroe" 
brought his family to OK and TX.

This picture is a get-together of
Monroe's daughter-in-law, 
Mamie TEEL STUART, and
her family near Roby, TX.

Mamie is the lady at the
front right of the picture -
with her apron on. 
We called her "Mama Stuart". 

Happy Hunting,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Orange, Texas postcard

Orange County Court House, Orange, Texas
Oran Martin Dennis, my great-grandfather, 
was born in Caldwell
County, Texas and later
lived in Tom Green County, Texas.
One of his younger half-brothers,
Marion William Dennis,
and his family lived at Orange, Texas.
No writing on the back, unfortunately!
Card is in my possession and
was part of the albums of
Nina Ada Baldridge Dennis,
Oran Marion Dennis' wife.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Maternal Monday - Grandmother Neoma Kolb Cauble and Two of her Sisters

Three of the Daughters of Robert Franklin Kolb;
Different Mothers, Same Father!

Picture in possession of Revis C. Leonard, 
believed to be taken at funeral of Robert F. Kolb

Left Back: Blanche Kolb Smith Farr
(Mother: 2nd wife Rilla Oliver 
Adams who was b. Feb 1881-Monkstown, 
Fannin Co., Texas, d..12 Mar 1917-Lufkin, 
Angelina Co., Texas. (1 child with Robert F. Kolb)
Rilla later married  Joseph Enos Shortal in 1906 at 
Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Texas) 

Back Right: Neoma Ann Kolb Cauble (my Grandmother)
(Mother: 3rd wife Neoma Ida Martin 
who was  b. 26 Oct 1873-Webster
Parish, LA, d. 7 May 1937-Rotan, Fisher Co. TX. 
Married 1st:
Alna Ivin Campbell (5 children), 
2nd a Harrison (no children), 
3rd-Robert Franklin Kolb (5 children).  
Her parents were: 
William W. Martin and
Martha Ann Festervan (Festervand), 
a/k/a "Mattie", who married
2nd Isaac Elijah Beasley, 
who my dad calls "Grandpa Ike". 

Front Row:  Luna L. Kolb (never married)
(Mother: 1st wife Laura Leola Brooks, 
who was a cousin to her husband, 
R.F. Kolb (3 children with him) and was 
born 12 Nov 1876-Jasper Co. GA, 
d. 7 Dec 1899-Grapeland, Houston, TX).

Happy Hunting,