Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Football - what does that have to do with genealogy?

Football.  Did you have ancestors that 
played football?  Or any other sports way
back baseball?  Have you
found pictures or rosters [etc] that have
helped you in your search for an "elusive" 
family member?  

I thought I'd share with you 
this old photo of the University of 
Texas Longhorn football team.  My husband's 
grandfather, Harry, and great-uncle Offie
played for the Longhorns during the years 
of 1908 to 1911.  

Front left: Harry N. Leonard, son 
of an Irish immigrant, Professor William
Robert Leonard, who came to San Augustine, Texas
 ca. 1872-74, and was a school teacher.  He married 
Bettie Thomas of San Augustine and W.R. would teach 
at the old Henry College at Campbell, Texas, 
and then go on to be the superintendent of the school 
for the blind (Blind Institute) at Austin, Texas.  I am told that one of Bettie Thomas Leonard's brother's had a son that lived/attended the Blind Institute.  One day I hope to find out how W.R. got to America  (which ship, etc.) and who his parents were. 

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