Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reposting Roberta Estes' blog on the X chromosome

This is a great blog posted by Roberta Estes on the X chromosome.  
Worth reading if you have X chrom. matches at 23andMe or at GedMatch. 

Hope you are having a great weekend!
It is raining in Texas!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Their Name Was Ziegenfuss - Part 2

I got a few tips on the Trenkmann's and Ziegenfuss' in Prussia after I posted about my Z's not long ago.  I found out there are some families with these names that live near where my family lived before they came to the United States.  The search continues! 

Today I am going to post some more photos of the Ziegenfuss'.  The pictures include my great-grandmother, Helena Olivia Ziegenfuss Cauble and some of her siblings.  

My great-grandparents, Helena "Lena" Z. and Pa Jim Cauble

Some of the "Z" siblings: Ernest, Helena, Rose, Hugo

Bruno Hugo Ziegenfuss had a nursery in Oklahoma.  
Wine, anyone?

Otto Ziegenfuss

Otto and wife Dora A. Ziegenfuss (b. Lampasas Co., TX., daughter of Americus Sidney Dial and Andrew Williams)

Harvey Ziegenfuss

Happy Research and Thankful Thursday to you!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering Sept 11, 2001

                                                Sept. 11, 2001

Do you remember where
you were the day it happened?
I do. 

I could let you know what I was
doing, where I was, who called me, what my 
co-workers thought, etc., but
today I just  feel -  like -  being - SILENT! 
Won't you join me in a time of silence for
those that lost their lives (and for their families),
                                         and for our leaders and our Nation? 


Monday, September 3, 2012

Their Name was ZIEGENFUSS - part of my German heritage

I have always had a special place in my
heart for my German ancestors.  Mainly because
I grew up near my Great-grandmother whom we 
called Bum-Bum.  She was born at (or near) Magdeburg
and came to Texas as a child.  

Her parents were Friedrika Sophie Louisa Trenkmann/Frankmann
(or other various spellings) and Gottlieb a/k/a Lee Ziegenfuss.

To this day we are still searching for Friedrika and
Gottlieb's parents.  Though with the help of Y-DNA
testing (Ziegenfuss Surname Project) we know that 
Gottlieb is kin to the Ziegenfuss lines that come from
Odenwald and Eichsfeld.  Gottlieb's line is the 3rd "Z"
line known as the North German line.  One line remains in Germany; one came to PA in the 1700's; and  the North German line to TX in 1885 on the Ship Moravia.  Genealogist
Marco Born of Germany has extensive "Z" research.
Somewhere within his research we feel sure are the
parents or grandparents of Gottlieb.  Now Friedrika is
another story.  Who is she?  Where did she come from?
Family records show "Trenkmann" and "Frankman"
for her maiden name.  

Friedrika Sophie Louise Trenkmann Ziegenfuss 
b. ca. 1846-probably Prussia

 Gottlieb "Lee" Ziegenfuss
 Gottlieb was born 1819-1821 at or near Leipzig, Prussia.
d. 20 Jan 1890-Tarrant Co., TX.

He probably served as a jaeger-hunter and was then a 
"forester" - either Royal or Civil.  We know that the Cauble family
knew he was in the military and the Ziegenfuss double-cousins stated he was in the forestry service.  In order to be a forester, young men had to serve as a jaeger-hunter first 
(from what I'm told).  

Here is Gottlieb once more:

And another picture in his old age. 

Daughters of Gottlieb & Friedrika
Helena, Mathilde and Louisa Ziegenfuss

More on the Z's in my next post. 

Happy Hunting (for Ancestors)!