Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DNA Genealogy - Blog by Kasandra Rose

I have been involved with genetic 
genealogy (DNA testing for you newbies) since 2003. 

There are several types of DNA testing and many people are confused about the tests.  This is not anything to be ashamed of.  Most of us are not geneticists or scientists. So asking what Y-DNA or mtDNA or atDNA will tell you is not a dumb question!

In a recent post on the 23andMe community blog, 
we discussed that some people testing believed that 
all their cousin matches (DNA matches) were coming from their maternal lines.  Not so! 

Fellow 23andMe member 
(and she is science smart!!) Kasandra Rose  
gave us a link to her blog DNA Genealogy.  You will want to read all her blog posts, but the one that deals with our discussion at 23andMe is Which Side of the Family Are We Related On? 

Here's the link to that post!

Hope you enjoy! 


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