Friday, September 6, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Eva Nell's Cinnamon Rolls

We called her "Momie" and/or 
"Grandmomie" depending upon whether
you were one of her 7 children or
a grand-child.

I remember Eva Nell [Stuart] Dennis, my 
Mother's mother, being a wonderful cook.
Eva Nell was the great-grand-daughter of the
lady who set me on my quest of genealogy
many years ago - Catherine "Kate" Petell Teel.

Below is a picture of Grandmomie Eva Nell
with her boys - 6 of them!  My mother
was the oldest child and ONLY girl!!  

Eva Nell Stuart Dennis with her six boys at the home of her brother, 
George "Shorty" Stuart in Texas

I remember Grandmomie as a single mother with 
the younger boys left at home.  With little money, 
working two jobs at times to support them, 
she did what she could to make 
sure they had food on the table. 

I LOVED her Strawberry Cake and her Fried Pies!
And I do remember her Cinnamon Rolls.  Here is a
scan of that Cinnamon Roll Recipe: 

I think of her desserts and candy quite 
often (especially during holidays)! 

I am glad that our Dennis and Stuart families
have cookbooks with those old recipes in them.
Has your family done a cookbook?  If not, maybe
you should think about doing one!  
One day your younger family members
will appreciate it (I really believe that)!

Remember I mentioned Eva Nell's Fried Pies?
Well, it's Friday and I wish I wasn't at least a 4 1/2 hour
drive away from Texas Hill Country Furniture
Natty Flats BBQ up near I-20 off of Hwy 281, south
of Mineral Wells, Texas (west of Fort Worth, Texas).
Because if I were closer, I'd be calling in to see if my
cousin was making Fried Pies today!  
One of Eva Nell's grand-daughter's makes
wonderful Fried Pies and Natty Flats BBQ sells them.

But, hey, it's Friday...and I can dream, right?
Sweet Dreams of a Sweet Lady who was a
Sweet Cook!!  

Happy Hunting!
and oh - Happy Sweet Friday!

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