Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Julus/Julius Ziegenfuss to America 1893

As I continue the search for my gr-gr-grandfather Gottlieb Ziegenfuss and wife Fredrika Sophia Louise/Louisa Trenkman/Frankman's parents, 
I am also on a quest to identify one young man by the name of JULIUS ZIEGENFUSS

Julius and family arrived in America (New York) on 8 Sep 1893 on the ship Normannia.  Departure Port: Hamburg via Southampton.  Julius was age 24, Male, born about 1869 in Germany, and the ship's manifest lists him as a Merchant, able to read and write, and his native city Blanbenern.
His Transit Code states he was "staying in the USA" and 
his destination "Arlington, TX", Travel Compartment: Steerage.

Traveling with Julius are his wife and young child: 
Henriette Ziegenfuss, age 20 (b. ca. 1873), Female, German; 
and daughter Juliane Ziegenfuss, age 9m, Female, German.

This record can be found at Ancestry.com and here:
and is Batch Number: P00283-7
Page Ref: 1401
Page Line No.: 0030

Record id: 1275428

Now, as to why I am interested in Julius Ziegenfuss.
Stories in my "Z" family stated that Gottlieb had a
"brother named Julius who came to America, but 
didn't come to Texas".  So I started my search to find
a Julius Ziegenfuss coming to America.  And so I found
young Julius and family.  Too young to be old Gottlieb's brother.
But what caught my attention about Julius was WHERE his destination was.  Arlington, TX.  That's where Gottlieb brought his family when they came to Texas.  And Gottlieb died and is buried at Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas (Find A Grave link).

As a person who has been doing genealogy for about 10 years, I am a stickler for having "proof" and "documentation".
But something about this "coincidence" has me thinking it very well could be something (such as Julius being an older son or nephew of Gottlieb's).

For now, though, I'll continue to look for Julius, Henriette and Juliane Ziegenfuss on a census after coming to America in 1893. 

Happy Hunting, 

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