Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Election Day! VOTE!

V O T E 

Blessing to You and Yours on election 
day - voice your freedom and Vote! 



  1. John W. Festervan was my GGG Grandfather, Andrew Jackson was my GG Grandfather, his daughter Annie Eliza was my G Grandmother and her son William Hunter Teutsch was my Grandfather. I will check with family to see if we can locate a male willing to do the DNA test. I too can not find parents of John W.

    1. Hi! Since John W. Festervan is my GGG Grandfather also, we are 4th cousins. I descend from Martha Ann, daughter Naomi Ida Martin Beasley, daughter my grandmother Neoma Ann Kolb Cauble, my dad. Thanks for checking. My dad has an atDNA match (different from the YDNA of the male which we want a Festervan male with the surname to take) that has us wondering if the connection isn't within our Netherlands families. I can give you more info on that if you want to hear about it. Email: Revis_stamps@sbcglobal.net - Revis