Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glitzy and Old - Treasures Repurposed: Backwuds Barbee and photographer Kristi Gerdes

Today is not a "typical" genealogy post.  But it does have to do with old stuff, and I don't know one genealogist that doesn't relish "old stuff"!  I wanted to show you some beautiful, glitzy items that at one time were the pride and joy of someone's mother, grandmother or maybe even great-grandmother! 

I applaud those people who take the time to find old jewelry and then re-create it into a one-of-a kind piece.  
And I know several ladies that have this talent for re-creating.

  I want to introduce you to
Krista Shepard, who is the creative mind behind

Looking over her creations, I often wonder 
what stories these pieces of jewelry could 
tell if "they" could speak?  Don't you?

Beautiful stories, sad stories, love stories?  
I could go on and on, but won't.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!
 Backwuds Barbee..where pieces of time collide!

The pictures happen to be taken by my very
talented daughter, Kristi Gerdes, 
of Kristi Gerdes Photography.  An English teacher by
profession, this Mama is proud of her picture-taking skills, too!
You can find Kristi at Facebook or contact her at: 

Oh, and as of June 2013, check out Backwuds Barbee's
ad (with picture by Kristi Gerdes photography) in 
the Country Issue of People Magazine...

Hope you enjoy! 

Happy Dreaming!


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