Monday, June 17, 2013

Maternal Monday - Frederka Sophie Louisa Trenkman Ziegenfuss

Frederika/Friedricka Sophie Louisa Trenkman

Birth: 04 Oct 1846-Germany
Died: 05 Mar 1920-Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas
Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Wichita County, Texas
Funeral Officiant: Pastor William Utesch, Trinity Lutheran
Church, Wichita Falls, Texas
Source: Trinity Lutheran Church, Wichita Falls, Texas, Old Book,
No page, recorded birth and death date of Friederike Ziegenfuss as noted above)
She came to America from Prussia in 1885 on the
Ship Moravia from the port at Hamburg to New York, United States.
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891, NARA M237, roll 489,list 1027, line 16, number 271,
When Fredreka came to America with husband,
Gottlieb Ziegenfuss, they had children:
Louisa, age 15
Otto, age 13
Benno, age 9
Hugo, age 8
Mathilda, age 7
Ernst, age 5
Helene, age 3.
Gottlieb Ziegenfuss died in 1890; buried
Watson Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
Fredreka then moved her family to Eastland County, Texas
and on 14 August 1895 married Freidrick Graefe.  Freidrick’s
wife, Amelia Grafe, had died on 21 August, 1894.
According to our family stories, old Mr. Graefe did not allow any
Oo Fredreka’s children to live in their household, except
for young daughter, Rosa Ziegenfuss, who was a child. 
Whether Fredreka divorced old Mr. Graefe, or just left him,
we don’t know.
But by the time of her death in 1920,
she was living with her son,
Otto Ziegenfuss’ family, in Wichita Falls,
Texas, and she was using her married
name of Ziegenfuss and not the Graefe name.
Fredreka in her old age
I hope that one day we will
locate Fredreka's family
back in Germany!  I am sure
she has kinfolk living there even today!
Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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  1. We are related! Frederika is my great great great grandmother! Her Daughter Louisa gave birth to my great grandfather Hans A. Meyers, who gave birth to my grandmother Jesse, who gave birth to my mother Joanna Jones, then there's me - Tiffany Hammer Manson