Thursday, July 18, 2013

Those Places Thursday - Mamie Teel with schoolgirls Tishimingo, Indian Territory

Mamie Teel with schoolgirls and 
Teacher at Tishimingo, Indian Territory

Teacher is facing students and has her back to us in picture.
Mamie TEEL (later married Jeff STUART) is in the
middle of the picture.  

Not a real good picture, but it's one of the few
that we have of her in the Chickasaw Nation. 
We are proudly descended from 
Choctaw/Chickasaw/Cherokee lines.  Mamie's 
grandchildren recall that she still spoke 
some Choctaw in her older age. 

atDNA testing has further proven 
that our family carries 
Native American Indian DNA.

I estimate this picture to be taken ca. 1906, when
Mamie would have been about 14 years old.
By 1909, when youngest sister Bertha was born,
Mamie's father had brought them to Fisher Co. TX
and they were living at Clayton [1910]. 

Mamie was my great-grandmother.
Mamie TEEL - b. 26 Nov 1892-DeKalb, Bowie, TX
d. 25 Sept 1969-Hamlin, Jones, TX
buried: Roby Cemetery, Roby, Fisher Co. TX

William Perry TEEL - b. 27 Jul 1870-MO
d. 4 Jun 1921-River Place Home, Roby, Fisher Co. TX
m. Jennie HAM - 22 Sept 1890 - Bowie Co. TX
Jennie HAM - b. 1870-AL [1880 Fed Census: 8 years old living in Centreville, Bibb, AL]
d. 19 Apr 1909 - Roby, Fisher Co. TX

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  1. This may not be the best photo of your grandmother but all in all, I think it's a fabulous photo if only to see the clothing the girls and teacher are wearing. And how unusual that the teacher didn't turn around for the photo. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I wondered about the teacher's position also. Most of the time teachers are in the back of the photo or at the side. Another observation - does it look like 3 (maybe 4) of the girls have the same dress on? Like a uniform?

  2. I agree with Nancy, a great photo. I am also curious as to why the teacher isn't facing the photographer, such an interesting idea...I wonder what she was trying to convey?

    1. Heather, I wish I knew why she was standing that way, too! I asked Nancy, but for you also - do you think 3 (maybe 4) of the girls have the same dresses on? Like uniforms?

    2. Hmm, I zoomed in, but I think it just appears that they are wearing the same thing. I don't think it is a uniform, just coincidence.