Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Naples, Italy

Among my great-grandmother
Nina Ada Baldridge Dennis' 
pictures were these that 
were of a wedding in Naples, Italy.  
It is believed to be the wedding of her
youngest son, who was called "Marty".
Who did he marry in Naples, Italy?

The Kiss!

The Wedding Party!

Leaving the ceremony!
Mama Dennis wrote on the back
of one of the pictures - "leaving the show"!
I have often wondered what she meant
about "the show"?

If you know anything about these pictures, 
please contact me. 

Happy Hunting, 


  1. Such great photos. The group photo makes me think that even the bridesmaid was in the military...they are all standing to attention! And though we only get a glimpse of the outside of the chapel, I have to think it was military...the cinder block looks just gives it away!

    1. I agree with you! I know that he was in the military and have thought the same thing about all the wedding party. My mother says he was married first to someone when he was in the military (this must be her), but nobody knows her name. He went on to marry 2 other times that we know of here in the U.S. Thanks for looking!