Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's Faces From The Past - The 4 Unknown Brothers!

While my Mother and I were 
sorting through her mother's (my Grandmomie,
Eva Nell [Stuart] Dennis) photos,
we came across this photo
of four (4) boys - most likely, brothers.

Don't you just love the expressions
on their faces?

There are no markings on the photo.
No hand-written notes on the back.
No photographer stamp with a location. 

My Grandmomie and her children
went through two (2) house fires before
all the kids were out of high school.
All photos, possessions, etc. were destroyed. 

She and her DENNIS 
husband divorced after 
my parents married.  Most 
pictures she then had in her possession 
were given to her by family members of 
her family after the last fire.

So this leads me to believe that 
this group of boys could be from these
families: the William Davis STUART and
descendants of Neshoba Co., 
MS and TX; or

the William TEEL and Virignia [PERRY] 
or [PEERY] Teel families of VA, MO, OK and TX;

or the Jordan HAM and Frances "Fanny" PARKER
family of AL, TX and OK.

If you recognize these boys, 
please contact me! 

Happy Hunting - 
and Happy Friday - 


  1. This is a great photo. I just love these old photos, don't you know that they were probably taken by a traveling photographer or a local studio. Back then the average person did not have a camera, so getting a photograph was a big event.
    A bath, a clean shirt, a necktie . . . some Mama was very proud of this photo of her four handsome young sons.

  2. I love the old photos, too, Connie! I bet their Mama was proud!!