Thursday, August 1, 2013

Those Places Thursday - Jeff Stuart Home at Roby, Texas

Mamie Teel and Jeff Davis Stuart 
(and some of their children)
at their home in 
Roby, Fisher County, Texas.

I saw this house often growing up.  
But I did not know at the time that
it had been their home. 
Mamie lived out in the country 
when I was a child.

As far as I know, the home still stands
today.  It was remodeled several years ago.
I hope to get an updated picture soon! 

Happy Hunting,


  1. Revis, you've got yet another great photo today. I really love old house photos...there is something special about seeing where our loved ones lived. Is Roby too small to have had Google drive through? It would be great to see if it is still standing.

  2. I tried to see it about a year or so ago. It didn't show up. I need to check again because Google maps may have it now.